What is Soul Soup Table community?

We will be serving a heartwarming and nutritious meal and fostering a sense of community.
Our talented chefs and dedicated volunteers will prepare a wholesome, flavorful meal that will not only fill your stomach but will also nourish your soul. Every dish is crafted with care

Every 1st and 3rd Saturday at 50 E. Alamar, Santa Barbara
11:30AM -1 pm

Who We Are

Our mission is to serve the needs of the safe parking community by operating a soup kitchen dedicated to nourishing both the body and spirit of individuals facing food insecurity or individuals living in their vehicles. 

What We Do

Through our efforts, we strive to alleviate hunger, cultivate a sense of community, and empower individuals who are struggling to overcome adversity


We are committed to providing warm, nutritious meals, fostering a welcoming environment, and promoting dignity, compassion, and empathy for all. Our soup table serves to foster a stronger healthier, and more inclusive community for everyone we serve.

Want to Volunteer at Soul Soup? 

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