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Everyone is welcome at our table!

Ohana is a deep community of people who celebrate God and one another. In Ohana there is a seat at the table for everyone. In Ohana we discover what it means to be the best version of our true selves.
Reforming Communities
Our Beyond the Horizon Vision
In the next 10 years everyone who calls NLC their home will be engaged in deep relational community that produces spiritual maturity. Every person will be equipped, trained and connected to God and each other in such a deep way that ‘Ohanitas’ will be thriving throughout our geographic region.   The result will be the natural transfusion of healthy spirituality to reform communities.  Everyone will have the tools, passion and desire to recreate Ohana wherever they go the rest of their lives.

Discipleship at new life church


NLC Frames are a series of discipleship topics that can be studied in groups of 2 or More.  Frames consist of biblical and spiritual foundations for living as a disciple of Christ.  We encourage you to look over the topics and choose a place to dive in.  These are meant to be studied in a relational setting with a friend or mentor. All of these topics are four-week studies that are an easy fit into anyone's schedule.


S.O.A.P groups are groups of  2 or more people who meet weekly or bi-weekly and  commit to reading the Word of God together and sharing what God is speaking and how to make application.  

Mom's Group

Join Pastor Faith and her group of moms for bi-monthly support, prayer, fellowship, and book club. This group is open to any moms with young children who want to be encouraged and uplifted. For more info, contact Pastor Faith 

Women's Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is an ancient discipline most often described as “holy listening.” It is the companionship of two or more people who seek to grow closer to God. In the presence of the Holy Spirit, who is the true director at every meeting, the spiritual director helps the directee to develop a mindfulness of God’s activity in his or her life. It is a process that can help a person to live more deeply into the reality of the sacred DNA we each carry within us.
Contact Pastor Amy to discover when the next group happens.

Discipleship Classes


Our Roots Class is designed for those who want to learn more about our Church or learn about basic Christian doctrine.  This is a great class for new believers or for those who are new to our church.

water Baptism

Water Baptism is the first step in obedience to Jesus.  We  offer water baptisms on a quarterly basis.  Our water baptism class will help you understand the importance and spiritual dynamics of baptism.

marriage encounter

The Marriage Encounter class uses curriculum from 'Prepare and Enrich'.  In this course, committed couples gain a deeper unders-tanding of dynamics, personality, stress, strength & growth areas.

emotional health

The Emotionally Healthy Discipleship Courses will explore  biblical themes of healthy living that will help you to become deeply changed by Jesus and have a powerful long-term impact on the world around you.

financial peace

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Conquer Series

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Grief and Loss

Recovering from Losses in Life.  This class offers encouragement and help after the loss of a loved one or any other significant loss in your life.  You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone.

Younique Life Design

Gain breakthrough clarity!  The Younique Experience releases the power of the identity God created in you. Imagine that you didn’t just know how to navigate your next step in life but every step in life with the compass of your unique calling.

Bible exploration

Go deeper in your study of the Bible with Professor Dave Morris.  Go through a different book of the bible each session. 

Freedom from anxiety

Learn tools to know how to handle many different types of anxiety in the moment. 

shed guilt and shame

Heal from your past and walk in freedom,  vulnerability and belonging

moving past Trauma

Get to the root of your deepest struggles and untangle your complex emotions. 

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