What Do I need to Know about Ohanitas

Connect to our church by joining one of our 'Ohanitas'  'Ohanitas'  are smaller Ohana's that are designed for everyone!   In 'Ohanitas' you will find a  way to live out Ohana.  In Ohanita's we value loving God and loving each other.  In an 'Ohanita' the agenda is simple:  Potluck, Play and Prayer

How do I Find An Ohanita

'Ohanitas' are open to everyone and anyone.  You simply have to show up!  If you want to find out the address of a particular group or if you want to ask questions, just email any of our 'Ohanita' leaders.  We have Ohanitas that meet up
on different days the first week of each month.

Who Can Come to an 'Ohanita'? 

'Ohanitas' are for all ages and stages of life.   They are intergenerational and we welcome singles, families, college students, and kids--Everyone! 

What should I bring? 

At our 'Ohanitas' we potluck.    Your 'Ohanita' leader can let you know if there is a food theme for the week or suggest an item to bring.     

What Happens at the 'Ohanitas'? 

 In our 'Ohanitas' we live out our value of Ohana.  'Ohanitas' are simply a smaller version of our large church Ohana. Each month at an 'Ohanita' gathering you will find people who celebrate God and each other.  You will eat at the table with awesome people. You will find friends and conversation, fun games, discover the Bible and a connection point to the larger NLC Ohana.  


Ohanitas  will gather on the 1st week of each month on different days of the week. Ohanitas happen outside of our larger Ohana gathering.


Ohanitas gatherings will be about 60-90 minutes  long.