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Everyone is welcome at our table!

Ohana is a deep community of people who celebrate God and one another. In Ohana there is a seat at the table for everyone. In Ohana we discover what it means to be the best version of our true selves.
Reforming Communities
Our Beyond the Horizon Vision
In the next 10 years everyone who calls NLC their home will be engaged in deep relational community that produces spiritual maturity. Every person will be equipped, trained and connected to God and each other in such a deep way that ‘Ohanitas’ will be thriving throughout our geographic region.   The result will be the natural transfusion of healthy spirituality to reform communities.  Everyone will have the tools, passion and desire to recreate Ohana wherever they go the rest of their lives.

At NLC We believe Discipleship is a relational journey

NLC Frames are a series of discipleship topics that can be studied in groups of 2 or More.  Frames consist of biblical and spiritual foundations for living as a disciple of Christ.  We encourage you to look over the topics and choose a place to dive in.  These are meant to be studied in a relational setting with a friend or mentor. All of these topics are two-week studies that are an easy fit into anyone's schedule.


Meet with other like-minded people, read the Bible, encourage one another and pray.   Ask one of our staff or pastors about joining a SOAP group.


The bible study book costs $25.00 and is a year long daily devotion that offers scripture and reflection on the topics of: The Word, Prayer, Identity, Calling, Family & Gratitude

The book provides short 10-15 minute reflections 5 days a week and focuses on passages of Scripture around a topic.  Women meet up to share and encourage one another from our weekly reflection and devotion time and coach each other toward greater spiritual growth and formation.

Contact Pastor Amy to discover when the next session will begin

Mom's Group

Join Pastor Faith and her group of moms for bi-monthly support, prayer, fellowship, and book club. This group is open to any moms with young children who want to be encouraged and uplifted. For more info, contact Pastor Faith 

College Age Activities

Pastors Dane and Kelsey  (Intervarsity leaders at our local college campuses) lead our college age ministry. They run Intervasity on all of our college capmpuses and they arrange fun activities for the college students at NLC.  Check in with them to see what's happening next...

young Adults Bible Study

Join Tim and Kyler Bushra bi-monthly on Tuesdays for a time of fellowship and Bible study that will deepen your faith and help you grow and develop your spiritual disciplines.  They also help arrange fun activities for 20 something professionals at NLC.  Check in with them to see what's happening next...

Beyond Frames...Grow deep roots

Special  Classes give extra attention to applying God’s word in specific areas of our lives. These are some of our regular offerings.  Check out our calendar page or call our church office to find out what's currently being offered. 

Roots Class

Our Roots Class is designed for those who want to learn more about our Church or learn about basic Christian doctrine.  This is a great class for new believers or for those who are new to our church.

Water baptism

Water Baptism is the first step in obedience to Jesus.  We  offer water baptisms on a quarterly basis.  Our water baptism class will help you understand the importance and spiritual dynamics of baptism.

EHd Classes

The Emotionally Healthy Discipleship Courses will explore  biblical themes of healthy living that will help you to become deeply changed by Jesus and have a powerful long-term impact on the world around you.

Younique Class

Gain breakthrough clarity!  The Younique Experience releases the power of the identity God created in you. Imagine that you didn’t just know how to navigate your next step in life but every step in life with the compass of your unique calling.

Recovering from Losses in life

Recovering from Losses in Life.  This class offers encouragement and help after the loss of a loved one or any other significant loss in your life.  You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone. 

Marriage Encounter

The Marriage Encounter class uses curriculum from 'Prepare and Enrich'.  In this course, committed couples gain a deeper unders-tanding of dynamics, personality, stress, strength & growth areas.

Financial Peace

Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey is a 8-week course discussing money management, debt freedom, spending, and saving wisely

Conquer Series for men

A  class for men that teaches biblical strategies to experience freedom from the addiction to sexual sin.   Contact Scott Madill at

Contact Us to find out about when our classes are being offered