Fusion Youth

Developing Students to Make a World

of Difference, One Student at a Time

We Meet Wednesdays, 6:30 pm

Fusion Student Ministries exists to

REACH non-believing students  CONNECT them to the love of Jesus

 EQUIP them to grow in their Faith   LAUNCH them to make a world of  difference 

  K now the Difference

At Fusion, we identify ourselves as followers of Jesus Christ. We seek God together, in the context of real community, where we share our passion for the work of God in the world. At Fusion we believe that every teenager is unique and our mission is to help every teen discover their unique gifts and talents and live out their own story of faith in Christ together and for others.

B e the Difference

At Fusion we laugh,  we play,  we live, as we serve God and each other always. Register on our website to receive regular updates from our New Life Youth ministry team.

L ive the Difference

At Fusion  we’re all about relationship–you and God, you and your friends, you and your parents…But we’re not all that serious. We love to have fun along the way. Come meet God with a bunch of wild & crazy Jr. High and High school kids who are just like you.


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