God’s Holiness

 “And he stood between the dead and the living so the plague was stopped.” Numbers 16:48



This verse is the culmination of the rebellion by the Israelites against God’s punishment of not going to the promised land.  They were sentenced to live in the desert because they lacked the faith to overcome the Canaanites as God had promised them.  This passage reminds me of the Indiana Jones movie, where the people who opened the ark of the covenant melted before God.  Here Aaron is running through the camp, seeing people die before him and live behind him as he carried the holy censor as God had directed.  Rarely do we hear and rarely do we see such an account of God’s holy presence judging the sinful heart of man in such a dramatic way here on earth.  It is a scary, sobering thing to witness.


I am so thankful that the day I live in is covered in grace, patience, and long suffering thanks to the blood of the cross.  Yet I am reminded in this passage that one day there will be a reckoning for all we have said and all we have done.  Our God is a holy God, and we need to be careful not to take His amazing grace for granted.  It would be wise to live for that one day!

This passage a sober reminder of the holiness of God.  It inspires me to be about my Father’s business and leave behind the petty distractions of my human sin nature.  Today I will be different because my focus will be on God’s will and His perspectives rather than my own.


Lord help me to move past my fleshly judgments, and what I have decided are my priorities.  Lead me according to what You say is important for today.  When I see You in the scriptures, Your awesome majesty overshadows my simple concerns for the day.  Help me to have a sensitive heart and sensitive eyes to see the Spirit leading and to follow it wholly devoted to you alone!

Wholly Devoted
Chris Van Bogelen
(Associate Pastor)

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