Seeing with Spiritual Eyes

Seeing with Spiritual Eyes

Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eyes are healthy, your whole body also is full of light.   Luke 11: 34


In this passage, Jesus addresses his hearers’ inability (through their sins) to appreciate and see the truth of who Jesus is–to see with spiritual eyes.  Jesus is foreshadowing that his death and resurrection will be a sign for all generations and peoples of the earth. He would indeed become a light upon the stand.

Jesus says that if our eyes are healthy, then our whole body will be healthy.  I think Jesus is addressing our life perspective—how we see and perceive life around us.  When we see life from the wrong perspective, our eyes become dull (so to speak) and our perceptions become our reality.  When we live and dwell on a reality that is not based on God’s truth, it can literally affect our whole body, make us sick spiritually, emotionally and even physically.    But, the scripture tells us that when we embrace God’s perspective, our whole body is full of light—that means health, wisdom,  and love—and then people around us will be drawn to the light—like a moth is drawn to a lamp—and we become agents of drawing all men to Christ.

Lord, I know that maintaining a Godly perspective on my life and my circumstances is so hard.  Daily I am confronted with competing perspective on life—from the news, from my unbelieving friends, or the devil who is always trying to twist and contort your reality.  The only way I can fully embrace the right perspective on life is when I am in fellowship with other believers but even more when I immerse myself in your Word on a daily basis.  Your Word is my plumb line.  Lord, as I read your Word, clear my vision and show me life through the lens of faith and truth so that my eyes remain healthy and my whole body radiates your light to those around me.


Adjusting My Vision

Pastor Amy

It’s Not About Me

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It’s Not About Me

Acts 16 is full of people who practiced disciplined obedience and submission

Submitting To God’s Agenda

Timothy submitted to circumcision

The Lord called Timothy to circumcision—and he submitted to the painful process because the call to reach others with the Love of Christ was more important to him than his own comfort—even more important than his own body

Result:  So the churches were strengthened in the faith, and increased in number daily

Paul follows God’s instructions to go to Macedonia even though it was not his original plan:

Result:  Many families and people came to know the Lord.

Paul and Silas remain in jail and don’t try to escape.

Paul called with a loud voice, saying, “Do yourself no harm, for we are all here.”

It would have been easy for Paul and Silas to escape thinking God instigated another miraculous jailbreak. But to them, the lives of others were more important than their own personal freedom and comfort.  This shows such discernment and discipline. The circumstances said, “escape.” But love said, “Stay for the sake of this one soul.” They were not guided merely by circumstances, but acted in total selfless love.

Result:  The jailor’s whole family was saved.


God never promises that he will make our path easy or light.  He never promises that we won’t be tried and put to the test.  He never promises that we won’t be hurt or even beaten or face terrible trouble.  But He does promise to walk with us and to to be with us always.  God calls us to radically be about others before ourselves.  And our job is merely,  praise and acknowledge God in all circumstances..  This is our posture.    We are not to look for the easy path—we are to discern the divine path that God has called us to walk—We are not to seek our own comfort but we are called to be a comfort and light to others—even sometimes at great cost to our own detriment.

Lord, help me to put myself and my own needs for comfort and security behind me so that I can reach all the people who you call me to.  I need the courage and strength and perspective and discernment of the Holy Spirit alive in me because I can’t do that on my own.  I so easily default to what is easy or comfortable and I so quickly justify my choices.  Lord, bring conviction to me when I’m making life about ME and not about YOU.


Laying down my own agenda,

Pastor Amy
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