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“Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” 1 John 3:18


K now the Difference

R.E.A.L Women seek to deepen our relationship with God by reading the Bible regularly and applying God’s Living Word in every aspect of our lives. R.E.A.L Women want to challenge your daily living through weekly small group meetings to read and journal God’s word.

Be the Difference

R.E.A.L Women want to encourage each other’s God given purpose in life and through small and large group gatherings, and by sharing sincere friendship as we pursue the heart of God in every area of life. We would love to have you join our women’s fellowship and grow in your relationship with Christ along with us.

L“ive the Difference”

R.E.A.L Women desire to share the love of Christ with each other and with our community and then out around the world. We experience real and sincere friendships with fun and relevant activities that allow opportunities for Christian growth, service, and reaching out to others.


What happens at a typical R.E.A.L Women’s gathering?

R.E.A.L. Women get together on Monday evenings about once per month to connect with each other, share community, hear testimonies, and study God’s word.

Does R.E.A.L Women have any other special events

Yes! R.E.A.L Women offer weekly bible journal groups for women to talk about life, read God’s word, and reflect. We have opportunities to gather for times of prayer and meditation and semi-annually, we get out of town for our REAL Women’s retreat. Our annual events include our Spring Luncheon and Christmas brunch. These are special events that are designed to inspire and bless you. Anyone can sign up for these events and invite your friends!

R.E.A.L. Women Make a Difference

This God is leading our church to “Sow Seeds” We are discovering how God wants each of us become more connected together with a deeper since of commitment and devotion to one another. We want to learn how to recognize God’s voice and allow Him to cultivate our heart until it is soft and pliable to His hand, so that we can be God’s hands and feet to each other and in our community



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Making a world of difference one life at a time.