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Positioned to Receive

Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true. Acts 17:11

Positioned to Receive

The Thessalonica Jews caused a great uproar in the city when the gospel was preached there by Paul and others. They stirred the city up with rage and caused the early Christian leaders, including Paul to move on to extend the gospel message. But the Berean Jews are credited as people of noble character because of how they responded to the message. Not all believed. But they did receive the message with eagerness and were willing to examine the scriptures to see if what is being preached is true.

Positioned to Receive

Shouldn’t we all approach spiritual teaching like the Berean’s? Whether we hear a sermon we enjoyed or were inspired by a speaker at a retreat or convention, should we not search the scriptures to ‘mine out’ what applies to our lives personally? Is it not a great way to respond to not only eagerly receive, but to also look at the scriptures ourselves and find all the truth that God wants to reveal to us? I am not suggesting we should doubt or fact-check those that God places to speak into our lives. But I do think we could learn from the Bereans by the attitude they took (eagerness) and the responsibility they took (searching the scriptures). The next time I am moved, challenged or inspired by a pastor or teacher, I pray I will receive the word with an appropriate enthusiasm and then search the scriptures for greater truths and applications that God might have for my life.

Positioned to Receive

What a gift God, that you like to speak to your sons and daughters. It is my desire to be considered a man of noble character in your eyes, just like the Berean Jews of long ago. May my heart always be open and eager to your teaching and my mind be willing to search the deeper truths you have for me.

Looking Deeper,

Pastor Dale


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