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“But why did you need to search?” he asked. “Didn’t you know that I must be about my Father’s business?” Luke 2:49


K now the Difference

Jesus at 12 (J12) is based on Jesus at the age of 12. We believe His testimony at that young age is the template for a generation of young people today. He was found in the temple, listening and asking questions. When He left, He became subject to His parents and grew in wisdom, stature and favor with God and with man. He is our example.

B e the Difference

J12 ministry is a place for tweeners to relate. Every Sunday and 1st Wednesday our tweeners gather in their own cool room in the basement of New Life Church. A group of fun and energetic teachers inspire the kids to learn about God and put their faith into action. Come join the fun.

L ive the Difference

Jesus spoke 7 powerful words when He was twelve. He said, “I Must be about My Father’s business.” At this young age He knew the Father’s plan for His life and He had a divine compulsion, which we call the “I Must Spirit.” We believe these seven words can become the passion of a young generation today.



What makes the J12 experience unique?

J12 is more then just a Sunday School class. The J12 experience equips tweens with practical tools on how to live out their faith in God and draws out their God-given gifts and talents to be used for the Kingdom. J12 is a ‘get in the action’ model of ministry that compels young lives to live boldly for the cause of Christ at 12 not 21.

What are: RnR, TnT, MnM, and PnC?

These are the tag lines that we use in J12, and they stand for some of the main components of our classroom teaching. RnR= Read and Rewrite: We believe it’s important to read and journal about God’s word. MnM= Memorize and Meditate: We believe in memorizing God’s word. TnT= Tests and Testimonies: We believe that kids can learn to tell their own stories! PnC= Pray and Confess: We believe in prayer and confession.

What other fun activities are available?

Kids need to have fun together. We have our annual WONDER CAMP on Catalina Island.  Sometimes we also do things like LazerTag or going to movies together!


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