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Seeing with Spiritual Eyes

Seeing with Spiritual Eyes

Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eyes are healthy, your whole body also is full of light.   Luke 11: 34


In this passage, Jesus addresses his hearers’ inability (through their sins) to appreciate and see the truth of who Jesus is–to see with spiritual eyes.  Jesus is foreshadowing that his death and resurrection will be a sign for all generations and peoples of the earth. He would indeed become a light upon the stand.

Jesus says that if our eyes are healthy, then our whole body will be healthy.  I think Jesus is addressing our life perspective—how we see and perceive life around us.  When we see life from the wrong perspective, our eyes become dull (so to speak) and our perceptions become our reality.  When we live and dwell on a reality that is not based on God’s truth, it can literally affect our whole body, make us sick spiritually, emotionally and even physically.    But, the scripture tells us that when we embrace God’s perspective, our whole body is full of light—that means health, wisdom,  and love—and then people around us will be drawn to the light—like a moth is drawn to a lamp—and we become agents of drawing all men to Christ.

Lord, I know that maintaining a Godly perspective on my life and my circumstances is so hard.  Daily I am confronted with competing perspective on life—from the news, from my unbelieving friends, or the devil who is always trying to twist and contort your reality.  The only way I can fully embrace the right perspective on life is when I am in fellowship with other believers but even more when I immerse myself in your Word on a daily basis.  Your Word is my plumb line.  Lord, as I read your Word, clear my vision and show me life through the lens of faith and truth so that my eyes remain healthy and my whole body radiates your light to those around me.


Adjusting My Vision

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