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Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.Matthew 7:7

Growing God’s Way

“Know the Difference”

We invite you to learn with us–not to just acquire knowledge, but to encounter Jesus, and discover His purpose for your life. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve known Jesus all your life, or you just met Him today.  Everyone is welcome to take one of our Growth Classes.



The “Roots” class you will study some of the basic disciplines of the Christian faith.  You will discover what it means to be a covenant member of New Life Church, learn more about our church community and how you might get more involved. All are welcome, and anyone wanting to serve is encouraged to attend.

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The “Fruits”  class will help you identify your God-given strengths and talents and the spiritual gifts.  Class participants will also learn about the application of all the spiritual gifts and discover how to apply theirs within the context of the church.



This 9 week “Nourish” class on the book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Pete Sczarro.  God created us to be WHOLE beings.  This class addresses how to integrate your spiritual life with your emotional and intellectual  and physical life, just as God intended.



In this 8 week “Prune” class you’ll learn proven strategies that defeat Satan and discover practical ways to release forgiveness for the burdens from your past and embrace God’s freedom. You will work on letting God remove some of the barriers that prevent your from reaching spiritual maturity.



Our “Graft” class is the general orientation for all avenues of leadership at New Life Church. In this 7 week growth class, you will discover our church’s strategy for mobilizing laborers and making disciples. Topics will include the theology of small groups, contextual bible study (exegesus) and leading others to understand the Bible



Tend is the second of two classes provided for all our Two or More Group leaders and other ministry leaders. The goal of the combination of the “Graft” and “Tend” class is to help equip our leaders to better disciple and reproduce more disciples in our church “Ohana.”

We offer all of these classes annually on an ongoing basis.

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