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REAL Women Christmas Brunch

This year our brunch theme is “SIMPLY CHRISTMAS.”

“She gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger…” With these simple words the Bible announced the birth of Jesus. Surrounding this announcement are incredible scenes with beautiful messages that transcend time and place. 2,000 years later the true value of these messages is sometimes lost, being covered and cluttered by tradition and addition. Let’s reach back in time to remember the true importance of the birth of him who we celebrate. It’s “Simply Christmas.”

We will be hosting special guest speaker, Pastor Kristin Calderwood. Kristin co pastors Media City Church in Burbank. with her husband, Billy.  Many of you already know and love Kristin, and many of you will be introduced to this awesome woman for the first time.

I hope you will make plans to attend this special morning filled with beautiful decor and music, delicious food and warm fellowship.  Our Women’s Brunch is a special time to usher in the Christmas season, to take a pause in the midst of holiday “madness” and center our hearts on Jesus.

There are only two Sundays to invite your friends and to purchase your tickets.  This event typically sells out so don’t procrastinate getting your tickets!  You can purchase tickets at church or on line:  CLICK HERE FOR ON LINE ORDERING

I can’t wait to spend the morning with all of you and celebrate Christmas together.

Blessings,  Pastor Amy

Thanksgiving Meal Outreach

Thanksgiving Meal Outreach

Saturday November 19  2:30 pm

Pershing  and Ortega Park

We will be serving a Thanksgiving meal to our friends and neighbors who live in the park.  We need volunteers to help us cook and serve food.  Contact the church concierge if you would like to participate.

REAL Women Christmas Brunch

Simply Christmas

Celebrate with Us

10:30 am to 12:30 PM

Join us for our annual Women’s Christmas Brunch and invite your friends.

Tickets $15.00

REAL Women 2016 Retreat

May you be strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy… Col 1:11

Empowered Women’s Retreat  Nov 11-13 2016

We too often find ourselves living in our own strength. But God doesn’t want us living life on our own terms—void of the power that is available to us through the Holy Spirit and through His Word. He is calling us to step out and live empowered. He has chosen us to become fearless women on fire for Him right here, right now. Our “Empowered” retreat will be dedicated to equipping and empowering women of all ages to become everything God has called us to be. Let’s come together and discover the incredible things God wants to do through us to make an impact in our lives and the lives of the people around us.

I sincerely hope that all of you women of NLC will make room in your schedules to join us for a weekend away where we can encounter God together and build lasting relationships. Maybe start setting aside a little bit of money each week in anticipation of the retreat registration in Sept. and October. I can’t wait to be with all of you!


Download information here

Register here




Seeking the Doctor’s Care

Doctor holding a patient's hand

Seeking the Doctor’s Care.

In Luke 5, we read about Jesus feasting with a group of tax collectors and other people who were obvious sinners.  The Pharisees and scribes grumbled and complained that Jesus was hanging out with such people.  They asked why.  Jesus answered them,

Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.  I have come not to call the righteous, but the sinners to repentance.  Luke 5:31

So, Jesus makes it clear by his answer that he cannot serve those who walk in a spirit of pride–those who consider themselves righteous and those who cannot recognize their need for grace and forgiveness.  If we consider ourselves well, then why call the doctor?   It’s when I become aware of my own weakness and vulnerability,  that I am in a position to receive healing.

Jesus  tells us to take a submissive position and acknowledges our need for help.  That’s true humility.

“That is why Scripture says: ‘God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.’” James 4:6

It’s humbling to visit the doctor and hear that I am overweight or out of shape or that I have high blood pressure, but I am wise to submit myself to the wisdom of my physician.  It’s tempting to become self-righteous and think, “What does that doctor know.  I can take care of myself!”  But this kind of  prideful thinking will only make me more sick or unhealthy.   How much better it is to admit my weakness and change my habits.

Lord, forgive me for an attitude of self-righteousness.  I want to remain humble and aware of my need for You.  I never want to take the position that I don’t need the healing and expert care that You provide.

Seeking my Doctor’s care,

Women’s Ministry


No Holding Back

“And straight away coming up out of the water, He saw the heavens opened, and the Spirit like a dove descending upon Him”. “And immediately the Spirit drove Him into the wilderness”
Mark 1:10 &12

No Holding Back

In the gospel of Mark, the word “immediately” is used over 40 times.  In the first four chapters, I circled the word 14 times!  It’s a very odd writing style to see the same word repeated over and over again in  so many sentences.  It certainly stands out.

In the Greek the word is “Eutheos” which means ‘straightwaway’ or, straight from point A to point B.

Imitating Jesus

It is a very suggestive and expressive term, revealing the character of Jesus by showing us how He served. There was no slacking, but he responded “straight away” He was ever about His “Father’s business.” (Luke 2:49)  Jesus did not hesitate to do what God was asking him to do. He did not delay or procrastinate. He did not hold back, he did not act reluctantly.  He did not slack off.


I need to learn from Jesus’ perfect example.  How often do I hesitate to do the thing God asks of me?  How often do I pause, question, or procrastinate?  My procrastination often leads to inaction.  I put off the very thing God asked me to do, and then I fail to follow through.  My lackadaisical attitude overcomes my obedient response to God.  This is called sin–pure and simple, no way around it!


Lord, I want to be available “staightway” when You calls me action. I must be ready because  my response is the test that determines if I really trust You or follow my own desires.  I want to make myself ready and available today when I hear Jesus say to “Follow Me”.


Acting Fast,

women’s ministry



Inspirational Women’s Lunch

Inspirational Women's Lunch

Inspirational Women’s Lunch

REAL Women,  we were so inspired and encouraged by Caroline Barnett to to step on out the water, like Peter did when Jesus called him.  We are eager to Make a Real Difference in our world. I am sure many of you are thinking about dreams and ways that you’d like to start stepping out and taking that first step of making a difference in areas that you have a passion for and with the gifts that God has placed in you personally.  What prevents you from walking out on the water?  Take some time to prayerfully answer that question and then respond in obedience as God would lead you…I can’t wait to see what happens!

If you want to order Caroline Barnett’s book, “Willing to Walk on Water” you can order on Amazon

Stepping out in Faith,  Pastor Amy






Real Women Spring Luncheon

Women Making a Difference

April 30, 2016  11:30 am

Come join New Life Church R.E.A.L Women for our Spring Luncheon.  The cost is $20.00    We will hear from guest speaker, Caroline Barnett from the Los Angeles Dream Center and author of  the book “Willing to Walk on Water”    This will be a great tie of inspiration.  Come on out and invite your friends, too.  You can register online or at church on Sundays.

Online Registration


God is in Charge

God is in charge

Your unfailing love will last forever.   Your faithfulness is as enduring as the heavens……O Lord God of Heaven’s Armies!  Where is there anyone as mighty as you, o Lord?  You are entirely faithful…..The heavens are yours, and the earth is yours; everything in the world is yours –you created it all.  Psalm 89:2, 8, &11

God is in Charge

My Daddy owns everything.  He owns the heavens and the earth and everything in the world.  I don’t need to worry, because He is in charge of it all.   He owns it all.  And He is a good, loving God.  He loves me very much and has good plans for me.  His love doesn’t fail!  It can be trusted.  And He always keeps His promises to take care of me.


Today I’m glad to be reminded of who God is.  He is mighty and capable.  Everything answers to Him.  Nothing happens that’s out of his control.  I’m thankful that I can trust His love for me.  He won’t fail, and neither will His love.


Help me, Lord, to keep my eyes above my circumstances.  Keep them focused on you and your goodness.  When I’m distracted by the wind and waves that blow through my life, keep this mantra on my lips:  God is in charge and He is good.

Surrendering to God’s Love,
(NLC staff)

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