Santa Barbara Sister City Reception

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Santa Barbara Sister City Reception

Join New Life Church and the city of Santa Barbara for our Sister City Reception welcoming our delegates from the Ukraine.   We will host a panel discussion and hors d’oeuvres.  Event will begin at 5:00 pm

The People-to-People Program, initiated by President Eisenhower in 1956, promotes the friendship of people regardless of race, creed, or color, by the establishment of Sister Cities. The Program offers each community, its citizens, its organizations, and the city itself a chance to participate in the fascinating and rewarding field of international relations. There is also a humanitarian opportunity to be involved in the constructive process of building world peace. By truly gaining a respect and understanding of our culture, we can begin to see the world and its many cultures as less confusing and more cohesive and we begin to see ourselves better.

Water Baptism, Sunday April 30

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Water Baptism, Sunday April 30

New Life Church is offering Water Baptism on Sunday April 30.  Water Baptism is the first step of obedience for someone who has decided to surrender and follow Christ.  We model our baptism after the example of Jesus who was immersed in water.  Matthew 3:13-17.  If you would like to be baptized or would like to speak to someone about the meaning or importance of water baptism, just fill out this form and one of our pastors will contact you.  Baptism Form

Holy Week at New Life Church

Holy Week at New Life Church


Join us at the Veteran’s Memorial Building for the annual Foot Washing Outreach and Breakfast.
Real Women will also be ministering with manicures and hand massage.


Our annual Good Friday service will be a City Church event
at Living Faith Center.  7:00 pm at Living Faith Center


Invite you friends to come sit with you on Easter.
We will be serving a delicious, hearty Easter breakfast at 9:30 at The Breakfast Table

 Our Worship Service begins at 10:30.

We will have a full band, special music and art, plus chocolate covered strawberries and delicious punch afterward.  This is a day to celebrate!




First Fruits Celebration

First Fruits Celebration

Join NLC for 3 nights of fasting and prayer.  We will meet for prayer at

6 am, noon and for a worship service at 6:30 pm.

Join NLC for 3 days of prayer, fasting and worship as we usher in the new year!
Corporate prayer at 6 am and noon.   Worship service at 6:30 pm
We will conclude on Thursday evening (6:00 pm) with a soup potluck.
Everyone welcome.

The Breakfast Table at New Life Church


The Breakfast Table–a New Life Church morning cafe where you can come and eat with your whole family for pancakes and sausage.  The Breakfast Table is open from 9:30 to 10:30 am  on Sunday mornings.  It’s a place where you can enjoy family, fellowship and relationship with our church Ohana.  You.  Me.  Us.  We can’t wait to see you there.  $2.o0 for Adults.  $1.00 for kids

Want to volunteer to cook for The Breakfast Table?  Find out more information here. 



Holiday Happenings

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Services

Christmas Eve, 4:00 pm–Join us for a special celebration of Christmas with caroling and candlelight.  Our kids will also be singing!

Christmas Day, 10:00 am— Celebrate Christmas with New Life Church.  We will meet for a one hour service to worship and celebrate the gift of Emanuel, God With Us!

Thanksgiving Eve Service

Thanksgiving Eve Service

Wed. Nov. 23rd, 6:00 pm

Come join us for an hour of praise and thanks.

Thanksgiving Meal Outreach

Thanksgiving Meal Outreach

Saturday November 19  2:30 pm

Pershing  and Ortega Park

We will be serving a Thanksgiving meal to our friends and neighbors who live in the park.  We need volunteers to help us cook and serve food.  Contact the church concierge if you would like to participate.

Shop with Amazon Smile

Register our church on For those of you who use Amazon for any of your shopping, this is a great way to have a percentage of your purchase donated to the church. All you have to do is go to when you do your shopping, and register to have your money donated to Santa Barbara Foursquare. You can follow this link to speed up the process:


Join us at the Breakfast Table every Sunday at 9:30 am

Our Worship service begins at 10:30 am

We Can't Wait to Meet You

50 E. Alamar | Santa Barbara | 93105