Family Advent Celebration

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Family Advent Celebration


Advent celebration focuses on two primary things.  First, to prepare for the Christmas celebration and remember the first coming of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. Second, to remind ourselves to always be preparing for Christ’s second coming at the end of time. This is a purposeful season of waiting that prepares us for the coming of Christ.


As a way of celebrating Advent in our classrooms, we will be lighting a candle each week, in anticipation of Christmas.  I will be sending candles home with each child, so you can practice this tradition with your family as well.


In addition to lighting a candle, we will be hearing the Christmas story, and progressively building a nativity scene.  Each week, your child will come home with pieces to add to their nativity and instructions for an Advent ceremony that you can do at home with your family.


We encourage families to take a few minutes each week to be intentional in discipling your children about the true meaning of Christmas.






When: You might like to make this a mealtime tradition and do a little bit each day when you’re eating dinner or breakfast together.  Or you might make it bedtime routine to do each night before your children head off to bed.  Or you might do it once a week: on Sunday as you celebrate Sabbath and begin the week, or Friday evening as you wind down from your busy-ness.  Or you can spread the activities out, doing a little here and there as you have time.  The important thing is to be intentional with your family during this season

Scripture: These are short passages about the birth of Jesus that you can read together each day.

Prayer: Before you light your candle, take a moment to close your eyes, quiet yourselves, meditate on who God is to you, and say this breathing prayer together.

Blessing:  This is a blessing for you to speak over your family members.  You can do this after you light your candle, or make it part of another daily routine.

Care Kits: As part of this Advent celebration, your family is invited to create several care kits.  These are kits you can keep in your car and hand out when you encounter people in need.  Each week a list of items to add to your care kit is provided, so by the end of Advent you will have them fully assembled.  To get started, decide how many care kits you want to make.  Purchase or gather that many reusable grocery bags.

Talking points:  These are thoughts or questions for you to discuss together, in reflection to this week’s Advent celebration

Story time: Each week, our elementary children will be reading parts of the nativity story from The Jesus Storybook Bible.  Our preschool children will be enjoying various storybooks to tell the story of Jesus’ birth.  These are all unique ways to tell this wonderful story!  I’m including them here so you can enjoy them in your at home as well.